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Trackmaker of the Eubrontes footprint


Diet : Carnivorous

Habitat : Floodplains with meandering rivers

Length : About 18-21 feet (5.5-6.5 meters)

Weight : 330-880 lb (150-400 kg)

The name Eubrontes means “true thunder”. This is the largest theropod track among so-called grallatorids. They are relatively narrow, tulip-shaped tracks of bipeds – tridactyl footprints with the middle toe longest and highly projected, and asymmetrical proximally. Those tracks occur near the Triassic-Jurassic boundary worldwide. The lengths of Eubrontes tracks varies between 10 and 16 inches (25-40 cm). In the Moab area Eubrontes tracks are present in the Kayenta Formation and Navajo Sandstone. It can be expected that the possible trackmaker among the largest coelophysoids was Gojirasaurus.

Gojirasaurus means “Godzilla Lizard”. It is the genus of dinosaur named after Godzilla – a favorite Japanese dino-monster (the Japanese name is Gojira). Gojirasaurus was a small, early theropod known from Late Triassic of New Mexico. It is one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs known from the Triassic Period and was enormous for its time. The type of specimen is a partial skeleton including: a serrated tooth, four ribs, hip bones and tibia (shinbone).


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