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Trackmaker of the cf. Ceratopsipes footprint


Diet : Herbivorous

Habitat : Forests and lowlands with rivers and lakes

Length : About 6.5-13 feet (2-4 meters)

Weight : Weight up to 2200 lb (1 tonne)

Tracks of a Late Cretaceous small to medium ceratopsid like Avaceratops, were found by Utah state paleontologist J. Kirkland in the Iron Springs Formation in Utah, in 2002. The more elongate version of those ichnites (tracks) is also known from the Late Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation, near Price in Utah. The most recent find came from Castlegate Sandstone of the Thompson Pass area (Utah) and is tentatively named by G. Gierliński as cf. Ceratopsipes.

Avaceratops was a small representative of ceratopsid (horned) dinosaurs from Late Cretaceous of Montana. It had a short single horn at the front of its skull. Its head was surrounded by a wonderful solid neck frill, without holes (fenestrae) to reduce its weight. Representatives of the species might have lived in herds and eaten low-growing plants. Food was picked with a horny beak. With the help of its tongue, it could move food inside its mouth where it had molar teeth that it used for grinding food.


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