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Trackmaker of the Jialingpus footprint


Diet : Carnivorous

Habitat : Plains with rivers and lakes

Length : 10-12 feet (3-4 meters)

Weight : 66-265 lb (30-120 kg)

Tanycolagreus represents the genus of medium-sized coelurosaurian theropod from the Upper Jurassic strata. Jialingpus described from the Late Jurassic Penglaizhen Formation of the Sichuan Province (China) seems the best candidate for the tracks of Late Jurassic medium-sized coelurosaurians. Those footprints have also been reported from the Upper Jurassic strata of Poland, Germany and Spain by Gerard Gierliński, Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki and Piotr Nowacki, in 2009, and found in the Moab Giants by Ken Cart, in 2016.

Tanycolagreus means ‘long limb hunter’; the name is based upon the structure of its long forelimbs. This dinosaur was collected in 1995 from the famous Bone Cabin site from Late Jurassic in Wyoming. It was nearly four meters long and had a narrow head with a deep snout profile. A reconstruction of the complete skeleton of Tanycolagreus is on display the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point in Utah. Although the relationship of Tanycolagreus to the other theropods is uncertain, some specialists believe that it might indeed be an early member of the tyrannosaurid group.


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