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Trackmaker of the Evazoum footprint


Diet : Herbivorous

Habitat : Plains with rivers and lakes

Length : 6.5-14 feet (2-5 meters)

Weight : 220-660 lb (100-300 kg)

Evazoum is named in honor of the Italian tracker Eva Sacchi. This name was proposed by her Italian colleagues in 2003 for a four-toed Upper Triassic footprint of a type also found in rocks of this age, known as the Chinle Group, near Moab and in the western Colorado. Evazoum resembles the larger tracks Otozoum which have been attributed to prosauropod trackmakers. However, Evazoum shows some theropod-like features. Thus, the other possible trackmaker candidate is a dinosaur named Tawa that is an unusual theropod with four hind foot toes. Sometimes the inner toe prints are faint or missing as if the toes were retracted likes cat’s claws.

A juvenile specimen of Sellosaurus was incorrectly named as a genus of Efraasia. Sellosaurus described by F. v. Huene, in 1905, was a slender-footed plant-eater belonging to the plateosaurid family of prosauropods. These were medium- to large-sized animals with stout limbs and small heads. This dinosaur had a bulky body and five-fingered hands with large thumb claws. Sellosaurus was quite primitive in its anatomy and may have been an ancestor to the prosauropod like Anchisaurus. However, many researchers suggest that the Sellosaurus and the Plateosaurus was the same dinosaur.


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