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Armored Dinosaur

Trackmaker of the Tetrapodosaurus footprint

Armored Dinosaur

Diet : Herbivorous

Habitat : Plains and forests along the shore of Western Interior Sea

Length : length 10-21 feet (3-6.5 meters)

Weight : 2,200-8,800 lbs. (1-4 tonnes)

The footprints of Late Cretaceous armored ankylosaurids like Niobrasaurus, from North America, have been found in the Blackhawk Formation of Price area in Utah. These footprints have not been described in detail but they are similar to those from the Early Cretaceous named Tetrapodosaurus.

Niobrarasaurus means “Niobrara lizard”. These dinosaurs came from Late Cretaceous of western Kansas. It was an ankylosaur without characteristic for these group of dinosaurs, clubbed tail. It was closely related to Polacanthus and Nodosaurus. The first specimen was discovered in 1930 by a American geologist Virgil Cole. M.G. Mehl originally named this specimen as Hierosaurus coleii in 1936. In 1995, K. Carpenter, D. Dilkes, and D. Weishampel re-described type specimen as a new genus.


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