The Beginning

Whether they knew it or not, anyone who has driven along Hwy 191 is part of our story and witness of dreams being realized.  It was 27 years ago that our paleontologists camped and started making many significant discoveries of fossil footprints.

Since then the development of the Moab Giants Dinosaur Park and Tracks Museum has become a project that has both the scientists and fun-loving dinosaur enthusiasts beaming with excitement.

However, the story of Moab Giants doesn’t begin there.  For that we go back millions of years before Moab was everything it is known for today.

Moab Giants - Stegasaur

Prehistoric Moab

In prehistoric Moab, we see many scenes just as fascinating, but extremely different from those that people travel from all over the world to see today.  Imagine the red rocks, but against an inviting seashore, with spectators strolling along their beach.  The sun is on their face and their feet in the sand.

Now imagine those sandy toes being 5 times the size of any you have seen.  Imagine the family strolling the beach towering far above any tourist you will see today.  Imagine the dinosaurs!

Moab Giants - Dilophosaurus


It is largely because of those very footprints that we are able to get a clearer picture of some of the first “locals” in the area.  While each magnificent creature leaves behind only one skeleton, it leaves a vast number of footprints to clue us in on the details of their story!

What kind of dinosaur was it?  What did it eat?  Was this dinosaur being chased?  Was it chasing another?  Was it alone or with its young ones?  All of these questions are parts of the story that we can tell because the dinosaur’s tracks were made, preserved, found and researched locally.

Moab Giants

Moab is Unique

Moab’s landscape and geology is one-of-a-kind for many obvious reasons, but among those we can add that because of our unique rock and climate, we have the highest concentration of dinosaur track sites anywhere in the world!

This means we are able to uncover story after story of these prehistoric locals, and can continually add to the ever-growing knowledge of the past.

Moab Giants - Coelophysis

A Dream Come True

At the Dinosaur Park and Tracks Museum one may explore the extraordinary stories of the past surrounded by comfortable conveniences that feel like you’ve taken a step into the future.  

The cutting-edge technology and interactive games teach as well as they impress.  The 3D cinema explores the world from the beginning as if you were there experiencing it firsthand.  The outdoor trail lets you roam with the local dinosaurs in their natural habitat.  There are places to dig in the sand to find your own dinosaur bones, fossils and tracks as well!  You can visit the paleontology camp and discover for yourself how their tools are used.  Stop in the Moab Giants Cafe for breakfast, lunch or snacks with a menu that is sure not to disappoint.

All of this was a part of the dream – to explore and share with the world the stories of the magnificent Moab Giants, and they have only just begun.

Moab Giants Tracks Museum
If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday
— Pearl Buck