Moab Giants Dinosaur Park and Tracks Museum

is the first of its kind world-wide!


Not only is it set amongst some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery in Moab, Utah, but it is a unique experience of the ages.

You will journey back through time with our 3D cinema introducing you into the prehistoric world.

There you get to make your own tracks alongside our state-of the art life-size dinosaurs!  You get to roam the extraordinary landscape they called home, as evidenced by the huge concentration of fossilized tracks found all around the area!

The Tracks Museum is full of entertainment with interactive learning touch screens, games to play, and visually stunning exhibits that not only fascinate, but educate.  It’s the ultimate place to discover the past with the modern conveniences and cutting edge technology that feel like the future!

The perfect balance of adventure and science, Moab Giants has been the realization of a dream for both our dinosaur park enthusiasts as well as our world renowned scientists.  We have special expertise in the field of fossil footprints and a deep knowledge of the paleontology of the region.

We have been actively engaged for many years in research, public education and exhibits and are dedicated to being an educational and scientific resource for visitors from the local community, the region, the nation and the world, but not without some extreme fun along the way!

It is our mission to explore the beauty, adventure and scientific mysteries of the Moab area and share them with the world.